Windows 10 Professional

About Windows 10 Professional

The successor of the Windows 8.1 is Microsoft Windows 10 for the desktop.

It comes in two versions:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Home.

Windows 10 Pro is a complete package with a large set of new and more features than its previous released versions. It fulfils most users' needs.

Windows 10 Pro is built for Business

  • Windows 10 pro put everything lockdown if you lost your device with the help of Bit locker through this no one get access to your device system or data.
  • Windows 10 pro automatically save any sort of your system files on Cloud. It is like a virtual online drive which helps you share work and document in real time.
  • Windows 10 pro let you feel free by providing a Remote Desktop. If you are out of the office and want to share a file or document from the system through remote desktop you can easily share it with anyone.
  • Windows 10 pro automatically create a private section in windows store which includes the apps you need most during work.

As in business field every minute, even every second is important so you really need a powerful operating system which saves your time and efforts too. Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 10 Pro has been more successful than its previous version which was windows According to the Net Market Share review, In the 14 months of its existence, Windows 10 has attained a 23 % desktop operating system share, with more than 400 million copies installed—a faster adoption rate than any previous version of Windows. By comparison, all Mac OS versions account for just 7 % of worldwide computers, according to data from NetMarketShare.

Windows 10 Pro features

Windows Pro 10 is a professional operating system which is promoted more towards the business troops and also for education at some points Following are the major features for Windows 10 Pro:

  1. BitLocker

Windows 10 Pro provides a feature of BitLocker is encryption software which allows security-conscious users to fully secure their drives from potential hackers.  

The new restatement of BitLocker allows users to encode individual files and keep them along with unencrypted ones which are not converted into a code that would prevent unauthorized provides you with additional security with the help of BitLocker for security management and data protection

  1. Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop connection in Windows 10 pro helps in solving PCs problems remotely. It is a One to One connection mainly for an expert to show a home user how to change a settings remotely.

  1. Join your Domain:

Windows 10 pro join your domain to local user account through which You can connect to your business or school Domain or Azure Active Directory by using network files, servers, printers, and more. For windows 10 home you have to create a Microsoft account for local sharing. you need windows 10 pro for local sharing purpose, unlike windows 10 home.

  1. Remote log-in:

Windows 10 Pro provides you with the flexibility of connectivity to your system anytime. Like it enables you to log in with Remote Desktop to sign in and use your System files while at inside or outside of the home.

  1. Virtual machines:

Create and run virtual machines with Hyper-V so you can run more than one operating system at the same time on the same PC.

  1. Your apps in the Store:

Windows 10 Pro also let you create your own private app section in the Windows Store for appropriate access to business applications.

  1. Windows Update for Business

In Windows 10 Pro, windows update for Business get the option to defer updates. It provides the ability to defer the buggy updates from affecting any business activity. You can also stop or putt off the updates for several months.

  1. Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

Windows 10 Pro is also available for workstations which includes the features like faster file sharing, extended hardware support, insistent memory, strong file system is actually built for intensive is made specifically for more powerful systems.

  1. Cortana:

Another more effective feature of Windows 10 is Cortana. It is a Microsoft virtual assistant Microsoft’s virtual assistant which assist you in taking dictation, making calendar entries, helps you in searching for a file or a web by giving directions from voice commands. It is also available for Android iOS and windows phone.

  1. Microsoft Edge Browser:

The Microsoft Edge browser is a new version of old internet contains challenging features as compared to Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Like reading mode, pocket style reading list and web page sharing.

  1. Continuum also referred to as tablet mode :

Continuum feature in windows 10 pro detect the type of hardware you are using and it provides you with an appropriate interface. It is also more attractive to those customers who had no touch screen laptop and windows tablet.

  1. Task view option:

With the help of task view option, you can drag and drop files anytime on different desktops which makes the whole process super-fast and smooth.  

  1. Windows Hello:

In Windows 10 pro, windows hello is a biometric authentication feature which allows the user to log in through fingerprint scan, iris scan, and a facial scan.


Windows 10 Professional is a powerful operating system mainly meant for business professionals. It is presented to professional customers by keeping in mind the security of sensitive and worthy data and files. For normal use windows 10 home is fine like for simple web searching, managing media files or for many little tasks but for professional workload windows 10 pro is a basic necessity.

However from its name, Windows 10 Pro was built for business Professional includes access to business versions of Microsoft services, including Windows Store for Business, Windows Update for Business, Enterprise Mode browser options, and much is basically meets the demands of business enterprises with plenty of variant features.