Office 2016 Professional Plus

About Office 2016 Professional Plus:

Microsoft Office 2016 also named as Office 16 was released on was released on Mac OS on July 9, 2015, and on Microsoft Windows on September 22, 2015, for Office 365 subscribers. It is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, succeeding both Office 2013 and Office for Mac 2011, and preceding Office 2019 for both platforms.

Microsoft office is a one bundle application software package developed by Microsoft Inc. headquarters Redmond, Washington, United States. This precious application packet of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS –Access, Publisher etc. to create professional looking documents, charts, calculation, reports and presentation in high speed and accuracy.

Every 7th person in the world uses Microsoft Office and so do 83% of the Fortune 500 companies. Yes, Microsoft Office 2016 is now out in the glare that’s usually how it always goes with new software and smarter features.

Almost 90 % of official works around the world totally depended on Microsoft office applications. Moreover, it is also used in educational sectors and for personal write-ups. It is so much popular because of its features, easier methods to create and collaborate in all sort of works.

To break the monotony of previous themes Microsoft Office 2016 introduces Colorful which is the default theme and each app gets a different colour. Like Microsoft Word is dark blue, Excel is green, PowerPoint is orange, Outlook is light-blue, and OneNote is purple.

New features in Microsoft Office 2016:

  1. Real-Time co-authoring:

Real-time co-authoring provides the capability to work on the same document at the same time with your colleagues. They can work on the same word documents and PowerPoint presentations that are saved on SharePoint or One Drive without overwriting each other changes.

  1. Simplified Document Sharing:

In office 2016, you can easily share your documents by clicking the “share” button in the Ribbon. The share button lets you share access to a document to your team members and serves as a one-stop location to review access permissions or see who currently working on the document. Available across Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  1. Share large files using One Drive:

It provides you with an ability to share large files by sending a private URL link to friends and fellow workers. File attachments added to an email message in outlook are automatically converted into a link that recipients can click on to download, assuming that is already synced to a one drive account or share point folder.

  1. Improved history versioning:

It allows you to view historical versions of office files directly from within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This feature is also useful for reviewing earlier drafts of documents when editing a file or collaborating with others.

  1. Smart LOOK up:

It helps in to look up the definition of a new word or to gain some context with an unfamiliar term without leaving office app.


You can create a group for new colleagues to join with each group having its own shared inbox, calendar, files and OneNote notes.

  1. New Chart Types:

Microsoft office 2016 contains a bunch of new charts on Excel and PowerPoint-like Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker and Sunburst.

  1. One click Forecasting:

Ability to create a forecast from available data. This new capability is inserted within Excel’s charts feature, making it easy to derive quick projections with one click of a mouse.

  1. Skype integration:

In Microsoft 2016, Skype for Business allows you to talk to your colleagues, initiate and join online meetings, and share your screen with your colleagues.

  1. Stronger cross-device support:

Office 2016 can help you explore Office across various devices like mobile phones, I pad, tablets etc.

  1. Tell me what you want to do:

You can get help and it will bring features into your fingertips

  1. Clutter in Outlook:

Clutter is a feature of Microsoft that helps in analyzing your emails pattern and observes your activities and interactions with people and after that prioritize your email contact list and only shows you what’s really important for you. It also put low priority emails into a separate folder.

  1. Power BI

In Microsoft 2016, you can convert your data into interactive reports. By using this business dashboard you can build models easily. Through power BI you can directly upload or export workbook.

  1. Delve

Delve is a central location which gives you access to everything you create, shared and collaborate by using office 2016. It is also that comes with an Office 365 subscription.


Tips for Microsoft Office 2016:

  1. Eye-saver:

To reduce visual problems grey theme can be used as an eye saver.

  1. Tell Me Box:

For new feature tell me box new key shortcut you have to learn is Alt + Q.

  1. Quick Analysis:

In Excel 2016, quick Analysis button will help you by providing a preview of the recommended chart according to your data.

  1. Select and Correct editor:

In Microsoft Office, the select and correct option is introduced which helps in recognizing the symbols and provide alternative symbols

  1. Smart Lookup:

In Microsoft Excel, Smart Lookup option helps to understand its function and description on Bing by selecting cell and formula.


Nowadays technology plays a vital role in this digital world. While we are enduring in the digital creation, we practice not even conceive of a life without tools that fix our life more comfortable and less complicated. Microsoft Office is the one best application software which has significantly and extensively worn out the ways we live in this world.

MS Office will become important in almost every phase of our daily life. Its usage is much more than our imagination. Office 2016 was launched with many new features and improvements like improved Grammar checker, plugin integration, security and management improvements and also improved the business tools in Excel. With the help of Office 2016, you can play a more productive role more effectively and efficiently.