Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2019

About Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2019:

            For Mac users on June 12, 2018, Microsoft released a Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 preview for Mac OS. The good news about this package is it is sold as a one-time investment which means you have to pay the direct cost to get office for both PCs and Macs. As it is a perpetual release so there are no upgrade options you have to purchase the next major release if you need an upgrade.

For Mac users, Microsoft Office 2019 will gives you new techniques to work with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Microsoft gave Mac users a professional help in the shape of Microsoft office comprises of various useful features like focus mode, 2D maps, Morph Transitions SVG, 4k video exports, translator, and digital pen feature and much more. Mac OS installation process can be fulfilled by both websites and from Mac App store.

Features of Microsoft Office Home and Business for Mac 2019:

  1. Read Aloud:

Microsoft Office 2019 provides a feature of reading Aloud which lets you hear your document as each word is doesn’t support RTL which stands for the right to left languages. It uses the default language of the operating system for reading.

  1. Break the language barrier:

With the help of Microsoft translator, you can Break the language barrier Translate words, phrases, and other text selections to another language.

  1. Improve your reading experience

You can improve your reading experience by giving rest to your eyes through adjusting text spacing, column width, and page colour.  

  1. Draw and write with your digital pen

You can draw and write with the help of a customizable set of portable pens. This feature of Microsoft 2019 lets you write in your document, draw, highlight something important in a natural way.

  1. Text Spacing:

Microsoft 2019 with the help of text spacing make it easier to engage with your increasing the proper spacing between words, lines and columns. Text spacing is accessible for all languages except RTL (right to left languages) like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

  1. Add effective visual impact:

Microsoft office 2019 provides effective visuals to its professional clients. By using Microsoft Office 2019 a professional can easily create any business models, data models, business reports or any sort of reports within a minute. A business and educational presentations can easily be formed by adding motion with Morph, smooth animations, transitions, and object movements across your slides.  Basically, it gives life to your work by adding a variety of colours, charts, maps and scalable vector graphics (SVG).it has its own built-in library for 3D images, icons, SVG, clip arts, smart art etc.

  1. One-click fixes for accessibility issues

Microsoft office 2019 enhance the fixes for accessibility issues. It provides the better Accessibility Checker with updated support which makes your document more accessible to people with can Implement recommendations right from the pane with a one-click fix. The Accessibility Checker checks your file against a set of principles that identify possible events for people who experience handicaps. For issue fixation, you have to change, reformat or update your content. Each issue is separated as an Error, Warning, or Tip.

  • The error is an issue which occurs when a person with disabilities do not understand the content of a file.
  • Warning An issue that, in most, but not all, cases make the contents of a file difficult for people with impairments to read.
  • Tip An issue that won’t prevent people with disabilities from reading the contents of the file, but could be improved to be more approachable.
  1. Focus Mode:

For more concentration on the project, Microsoft 2019 introduced the stay focused feature which can help the user to fully concentrate on a project without noticing something less important. With a help of this feature, your work is done faster. When you interpret or write in focus mode, the page fills the screen and wipes out all distractions.It also contains a focused inbox which helps the user to separate important emails from the less important or from junk. Focused Inbox moves less important emails out of the way—and then you can come straight to taking care of business.

  1. Click-to-Run (C2R):

With Office 2019, Microsoft is going to move the on-premises versions of Office to C2R, to reduce prices and better security. The advantages of C2Ris that It is a one time but a reasonable investment with the advantage of monthly security updates, up to date apps on installation, reduced network consumption through windows 10  download optimization technology.

  1. Improved Visual Basic Editor

Microsoft Office Create and edit macros in the Visual Basic Editor using IntelliSense, VBA menus and toolbars, debug tools, an object browser, and more.


Microsoft office home and business 2019 for Mac is a onetime investment for clients. It is appropriate for those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee like for Office 365. Microsoft calls his version as an “on-premises version “of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft 2019 for Mac delivers a good deal of neat changes that can be applied to enhance the MAC users overall experience across applications in Windows. These enhancements are being made strategically in order to offer more functionality and capabilities for the users when they are executing various sorts of tasks in Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and in Windows. Some of the most notable changes and additions include giving users the capacity to export 4K videos in PowerPoint, use the focus mode to eliminate distractions from other documents and also use the digital tools, like roaming pencil case features across apps and much more. Thus, for those of you who hold an interest in clearing your life more leisurely and more efficient, you can look to visualize these varieties as early as September 2018.