Why You Should Update Windows 7 to Windows 10


Whether a fashion trend or technology, everything needs an upgrade over time to survive in the new era. And this is the only way to go with the flow, don’t you think? Alright! If you still have any doubts, then imagine yourself seeing someone wearing a Garibaldi shirt from the 19th century in the current year.

For sure, the shirt may grab your attention for a while, but would you buy that for yourself? Of course, you will not because you know that it won’t be accepted due to the change in the fashion sense. In the same way, your Windows need to be upgraded for better performance and acceptability. And despite Windows 7 has been a popular version of its time, Windows 10 has already made an inroad.

Windows 7 – The Best Windows of the Past

Windows 7 is an operating system that was launched by Microsoft in 2009. Being the successor of Windows Vista, this new Windows became the heart and soul of the users, as there were several issues with the previous operating system.

If you look at the graphical user interface (GUI) of Windows 7, you won’t find anything new as it allows the same input devices for the output. However, what amazed the people of 2009 was the ‘Windows Touch’ feature in Windows 7. People began to love the way how they were permitted to zoom-in and zoom-out, tap, and click by their fingers.

Also, Windows 7 came with several other features, such as ‘Play To’ program for streaming audio and video, and ‘Homegroup’ for easy data transfer from one computer to another.

Windows 10 – The Leading Windows of the Present

Windows 7, although a great version of Windows, began to lose its charm when Windows 10 was finally exposed to the world in 2015. Windows 10 is considered to be the best version of all times because of its ‘universal app’ feature.

Moreover, this version has stolen the attention of numerous Xbox players worldwide. Thanks to the Xbox App, as the players can connect their console with any device that has Windows 10 running on it. Last but not least, Windows 10 came with some exciting features, such as improved multitasking, touch support for Office apps, and new web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’.

 Since its launch, this latest release has been playing an essential role in the lives of the users. Also, there are updates from time-to-time to ensure everything works flawlessly.

Why Use Windows 7?

Alright! So you are still stuck with the older version. Well! It does include some good features like:

1.     Built-in Device Drivers

The earlier versions certainly gave pain to almost everyone by showing yellow question marks, isn’t it? But no more annoying device driver errors once you switch to Windows 7. This OS will automatically find and install the required driver for you. So, just plug in the new hardware and let Windows 7 do the magic.

2.     Aero Peek Feature for Multitasking

Windows 7 interface is much better than the previous versions. It comes with the ‘Aero Peek’ feature, which helps users to do multitasking.

3.     Enhanced Hardware Support

In the previous Windows versions, the OS was found to be unsupportive to any new hardware. But Windows 7 is completely opposite of the old editions. This new OS is compatible with the latest hardware without a hitch.

4.     Less Complicated and Strong Backup

Windows 7 is easy-to-use as compared to Windows Vista. Also, you can pick an individual file or multiple folders for the backup. Unfortunately, this option was not available in the old Windows, so it’s good news for the users of Windows 7.

Why Use Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest version, so obviously it includes all-new features. So, out of many, here are some of the best features.

1.     Your Phone Companion App

Formerly known as ‘Your Phone App’ is a boon for the android users and it comes with Windows 10. It allows users to simply drag and drop the files (texts, photos, and notifications), which they wish to transfer from your phone to your PC.

2.     Cloud Clipboard

Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10 permits you to access countless previously copied data. It’s like finding the history of most of the items you have copied. All you need to do is to push the Windows Key + V together.

3.     Wider Search Panel

Windows 10 has a wider search panel that delivers clear information about everything you have searched so far, whether on the web or PC.

4.     Edge Browser

The Edge Browser in Windows 10 is fast, reliable, best for the dark mode, reading mode, and has an option for online sharing.

Pros and Cons of Windows 7

Windows 7 is good with features, but it does have some pros and cons.

Pros of Windows 7

  • The troubleshooting process is easy
  • You can find your files faster
  • Improved data security
  • Enhanced interface

Cons of Windows 7

  • Requires capacity of at least 1 GB RAM
  • Upgrading from XP is difficult
  • Many applications require online support to run
  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a common issue

Pros and Cons of Windows 10

Windows 10 has amazed the world because of its distinctive attributes. However, it has many magnificent advantages, as well as, some defects.

Pros of Windows 10

  • High security
  • Advanced privacy through speech recognition
  • New look
  • Addition of Windows Store for downloading authentic apps
  • Xbox compatibility
  • Addition of universal Microsoft Office Apps
  • Runs on all the major devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptops)

Cons of Windows 10

  • Does not support older hardware
  • Users are required to install the upgrades for better performance
  • Microsoft accounts are mandatory to be used on several occasions

Advantages of Updating Windows 7 to Windows 10

If you are still using Windows 7, then sooner or later you will need to move to the current version of Windows. Remember! Change is good, so here are some great benefits you will enjoy after updating your device to Windows 10.

  • Advanced features
  • Scheduled restarts
  • Flexibility
  • Fast performance
  • Increased security
  • Improved usability
  • Enhanced compatibility
  • Latest technology
  • Strong privacy

It is always better to run the latest Microsoft operating system (OS) on your devices because it’s reliable, secure, and easy. Certainly, Windows 7 has been a great companion for many Microsoft lovers, but it is time to move to the better, stronger, and faster version. Windows 10 is comprised of all the great features, which will take your computing experience to another level.