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Exchange Server Enterprise 2016 Software License Package - Enterprise edition is perfect for more than 5 mounted database's per server. If you need less then you will need to purchase the Standard Edition which can handle up to 5.

Whats Included? - Your purchase includes your Exchange 2016 software license key, download link to the software and a detailed instruction manual giving you everything needed to install and begin using your Microsoft Exchange License.

Microsoft Exchange Standard 2016

Organisations use Exchange as the email, contact, calendaring, scheduling, and collaboration platform tool powered by Windows Server. The Standard edition's security enhancements ensure on-premise task consistency, plus upgraded scaling and performance options. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 is designed to give users a host of performance features and related infrastructure allowing them to share, organise, store then access information required to manage and organise your email  and administrative activities. Exchange, being highly configurable, is designed to help you achieve new levels of reliability, combined with performance, by allowing you to utilize features and capabilities to simplify admin, security and protect communications and information flow throughout your enterprise.

Language: English. The English-language version of Exchange Server is supported on all localized versions of operating systems. Other languages can be configured.

Publisher | Manufacturer | Developer: Microsoft

License: Global | Single Device | Home | Personal | Business | Commercial | Enterprise 

License Type: Permanent License - Perpetual -  Fully Installed Desktop Application. No internet access required for use. 

Validity: Lifetime | Single Device License | No additional Costs | One time Cost | No Monthly Charges | No Expiry 

Delivery: Digital E-Mail Delivery (You will receive your genuine product key, official download link, and installation instructions delivered digitally by email after purchase)

Installation / Redemption: Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Download software
  2. Install then download Enterprise application to your chosen Windows Server
  3. Activate using the official Microsoft Enterprise Activation Wizard on first use.

Platform:  Microsoft Windows logo Windows Server 2012 R2|2016|2019 or newer (All editions & Versions)

Exchange 2016 Enterprise software includes a variety of tools and features designed to help you manage you firms business class email and calendaring. Access email, simplify scheduling, access contacts, and share calendars anywhere. Work without worries wherever you work best - Exchange is here to simplify your admin all in real-time.

Microsoft business email and calendaring products help you stay on top of what matters most with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, and contacts within the most universal and popular software available today.

Exchange Server 2016 is reliably designed to help you achieve efficient levels of productivity and performance, by delivering features and capabilities which simplify administration, secure your email communications, protecting information transfers, therefor empowering it's users to work across universal devices and screens to achieve their respective goals and targets all in real-time.


Microsoft Exchange 2016 in action
Microsoft Exchange applications

Exchange Enterprise 2016 represents a whole new version of Exchange with its excellent features. Exchange 2016 has improved upon its features, design and visual elements of it's predecessors to be more efficient, secure and become your organisations calendaring, email and scheduling application from a brand you can trust. 

Exchange is now more modern and robust as well as:

  • Having improved search facilities
  • Modern hardware support and metacache databases
  • Email Address internalisation (EAI)
  • Enable productive experiences across all devices
  • Provides universally familiar and scalable yet highly flexible collaboration and communications platform
  • Increasing productivity with an original yet familiar intuitive user experience
  • Efficient to save time and production - thus allowing you to spend less time searching for information and more time working with it
  • Share and work together by using its modern platform for shared access, interaction and collaboration amongst the users. Teamwork is more seamless, quicker and secure all in real-time

For a complete comparison of the features and differences between all versions you can click here.

Microsoft Exchange Enterprise 2016 Software includes:

- Support of multiple mailbox databases

- Increased customisation and storage facility

- Improved Reliability, Security & Privacy features

- Excellent End User improvements

- Simplified Administration

- Free version upgrades and updates 

Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise is a valuable update for customers who aren’t yet accustomed for the cloud or those who wish to keep their databases up to date and secure. You can see other options and available versions here

Windows Server Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 R2 Standard or Datacenter
HDD 20gb Minimum. 
CPU Intel  Supported X64 Processor or AMD Platform
Memory Minimum 16gb Recommended.
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