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  • SQL Server 2019 vs 2017
    SQL Server 2019 vs 2017

    SQL 2019 vs. 2017

    The SQL Server is a database management system (DBMS) software that helps in managing and creating databases. Before the concept of DBMS, the management of data was no picnic. But due to the advancement in the IT industry, the management system became a popular phenomenon, as businesses became more secured, and data integration became possible. The growing demand for DBMS made Microsoft Corporation launch the first-ever SQL server in 1989.

    Microsoft SQL Server, or SQL, soon gained fame, which permitted the company to produce the latest versions after a particular interval. However, from 2012, it is observed that Microsoft is consecutively releasing new SQL versions with a gap of 12 to 24 months. Currently, SQL 2019 is serving the industry, but it is seen that some people are still caught with SQL 2019.

    So are you baffled because you are not sure whether to go for the current 2019 SQL version or stick with 2017? Well! Don’t be because you will k

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  • Visual Studio for developers
    Visual Studio logo

    Visual Studio Enterprise & Professional

    Nowadays, it is not much difficult to create a website, or applications, as there are many platforms now that allow you to create programs with just drag and drop. But ever thought how computer programs are developed, or how websites and applications are created from scratch? Through “IDEs”, which are programs designed to assist programmers in making huge software. There are many IDEs in the world, from which the basic features are source code editor, build automation tools & a debugger

    One of those popular IDEs is “Visual Studio, which is an ‘integrated development environment’ (IDE), launched by Microsoft Corporation. From computer programs to mobile apps, and from websites to web services, everything can be developed through this IDE.

    Microsoft Visual Studio – Enterprise and Professional

    If you are concerned with .NET development, then you must be a Visual St

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  • Benefits of Windows Server 2019
    Windows Server 2019 banner


    What is Windows Server?

    Windows Server is an assembly of operating systems that is designed by Microsoft. It supports communications, enterprise-level management, applications and data storage. Many versions of this server are released; the first version was Windows NT 3.1 and now windows server 2019 and in all these versions they have improved with some additional features.  These serversare designed in a ways that theycompetently handle Internet/intranet hosting, business networking, enterprise level messaging, databases and other similar functions.

    Features of Windows Server 2019

    Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is a very competent server and is purely based on Windows Server 2016. The product was released last year but the final release including all the updated features was through long-term servicing channel (LTSC). The installation of windows server 2019 can be possible either with

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