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Established in 2014 PCKeys begun by finding it increasingly difficult in the IT services industry to find IT suppliers who catered for multiple business, technology and professional IT services and products. At the time we were providing consultancy services for many independent IT and electronics clientele in a highly competitive segment. It became increasingly difficult to procure computer software and hardware in the forever evolving digital era. One day PCKey's was formed, and the concept has allowed us to since become a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider by providing a range of software products aimed at helping customers re-engineer and for businesses to re-invent themselves by assisting our clients to compete effectively in this digital era.

After our formation, we began by initially setting up on several different marketplaces, merchant websites, spreading our word of mouth through our network of resellers and procurement staff amongst several of the top IT and electronic companies within the EEA, growing at such a fast pace that we then began running our own website and extending our locations – We are UK based and have our contact centre for sales and technical support based in London. We have been established 6 years and counting, providing the best in class sales and support services for all of our advertised products across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

To date, we have grown year-on-year by distributing innovative business and technology services across the globe with significant results. We make the procurement of software at competitive prices - Simple, and we deliver them straight to the end-user whilst keeping in touch with our key core-values and objectives.

Our MISSION is simple - let us help you win and grow!

Our OBJECTIVE is to build an everlasting partnership with our clients and helping them every step of the way on their pathway to success!

Here at PCKey’s, based in London, UK, We are your national (and global) IT and software specialists inspired by delivering quality software technology products combined with the best price whether you are an individual, small or medium sized company, enterprise, charity, government department, datacentre’s, student, geek or reseller. We approach every engagement with our objective intact - no order is too big or small.

Our online store is functional 24 hours a day catering globally to customers from UK, Europe, and Global (Asia / Australia / USA).

We are well equipped to handle all your specific software licensing needs whatever your size - We can accommodate single users, commercial, business, enterprise, charities and resellers for genuine software products and licenses that are available in different formats including Digital Download, DVD and USB variations. Our extensive range of software is regularly updated for the newest releases so that you are kept up-to-date - so whatever your request, large or small, we are here to give you confidence in the supply chain whenever the request or occasion.

PCKEY'S has three core values which set us distinct from our competitors – quality products, seamless service and competitive pricing – due to our innovative and visionary sourcing - for several years we have been passionately driven by combining our excellence in execution with our continuous innovation

We are here to satisfy your needs - Our commitment to excellence is what makes us unique; Our service does not end when we deliver the product - It ends when you are satisfied and happy with your installation or service. Our UK based experts are readily available and on hand to offer their expert advice to assist all those niggles - This is what defines us from the rest!!!

We are a friendly bunch, always approachable and eager to help to share our collective knowledge with you, offer expert technical advice and care. So, if you do contact us – we will always deliver the right answer to you - whatever your query as we do know a thing or two about great customer service.

Software websites can be full of big promises and marketing jargon; which can make your hunt for software even more confusing! If you are confused or misled, you could end up overspending on a big brand or buying the wrong software suite when you just need specific features. Contact our friendly staff with your requirements and we can help you in choosing the right product just for you.

Our buyers range from business owners to home users and students. We have also supplied some of the big-name brands such as Mercedes, Ernst & Young, Barclays, CISCO, O2, KPMG, JP Morgan, RICOH, MISCO, Brother, HSBC, Wetherspoons, Hilton, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, HP, PwC, Vodafone, SKY, RBS, Oracle and Star Micro. We regularly supply IT companies globally as well as accountants, solicitors, financial establishments and more with our software solutions. Our range of software includes Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Windows Server Licenses, Microsoft Office packages for Windows and Mac, Visual Studio, Visio, Project, SQL Licensing as well as education and business software so you can stay productive and safe online.

Our key values are simple:

So, the next time you need any software or are baffled as to which software is suitable – feel free to contact us to help assist in your decision-making process. Our expert staff members are always eager to share our expertise to help whether its via a phone call, live chat, WhatsApp or email.

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PCKeys is a British company based in London.