Visual Studio Enterprise & Professional

Nowadays, it is not much difficult to create a website, or applications, as there are many platforms now that allow you to create programs with just drag and drop. But ever thought how computer programs are developed, or how websites and applications are created from scratch? Through “IDEs”, which are programs designed to assist programmers in making huge software. There are many IDEs in the world, from which the basic features are source code editor, build automation tools & a debugger

One of those popular IDEs is “Visual Studio, which is an ‘integrated development environment’ (IDE), launched by Microsoft Corporation. From computer programs to mobile apps, and from websites to web services, everything can be developed through this IDE.

Microsoft Visual Studio – Enterprise and Professional

If you are concerned with .NET development, then you must be a Visual Studio user as well. But if you are newcomer, then there might be some confusing things because VS is just not a single thing; in fact, it comes in different sizes and shapes, such as Visual Studio Enterprise edition, and Visual Studio Professional edition. Even professionals are sometimes unsure about which version to pick. So whether you have been using Visual Studio for quite a long time, or you are about to learn it, it is better to know the basic background of Enterprise and Professional versions.

Visual Studio Enterprise

Visual Studio Enterprise has the most up-to-date IDE with great supporting services, tools, and benefits. It is the best platform to increase the outcome as it includes modern all the latest tricks and techniques to develop software. This means that you can overcome numerous challenges, which comes between the development of programs and then their execution through IT operations. Moreover, Visual Studio Enterprise ensures many testing tools to ensure the value of every program you intend to develop.

So if you wish to deliver modern applications, then VS Enterprise is the best tool you can ever use because it allows users to utilize all the modern practices to develop a program. Also, you don’t have to take much care about the debugging, because Enterprise can fix major debugging issues by itself. This also clarifies that coding becomes fun in this edition.

Visual Studio Professional

The Professional edition of Visual Studio is entirely commercial. It offers an IDE for all the prominent development languages, such as C++ and C#. Another great thing about this version is the complete support of MSDN licensing. Moreover, Visual Studio Professional also supports XSLT and XML.

It is also comprised of multiple tools such as Server Explorer along with strong integration with SQL Server. Certainly, you can pick Visual Studio Professional if you aim to develop highly efficient applications for MAC and PC. So it won’t be wrong to claim that the Professional edition is best for targeting and developing any app, using any language, and irrespective of platform.

Why Use Visual Studio Enterprise?

You can pick Visual Studio Enterprise because it is:

1.     Best for Small Teams

If you are an individual user, or you have a small development team, then Visual Studio Enterprise is the best purchase for you.

2.     Ideal for Self-Hosted Pipelines

It comes with self-hosted agents, which allows you to install much dependent software for the deployment and builds.

3.     Good with Code Quality

Visual Studio Enterprise includes a wide variety of tools, which are useful in writing the codes with higher quality.

4.     Advanced in Live Unit Testing

You can test your codes while writing them. It is a helpful feature to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Why Use Visual Studio Professional?

Here are some of the greatest reasons why you should use Visual Studio Professional.

1.     Perfect for All

Whether you are an individual developer or a huge organization, the Visual Studio Professional fits all.

2.     Cross-Platform Development

You are free to create software for multiple platforms. So be it for Windows or MAC, you are always free to develop as per requirements.

3.     Innovative Diagnostics and Debugging

Debugging and diagnostics are some of the most important features, which are necessary for the software development process. Fortunately, Visual Studio Professional includes all the essential features for this reason, such as Graphics Debugging, Diagnostics Hub, Static Code Analysis, and Code Metrics.

4.     Advanced IDE

Last but not least, you can use Multi-Targeting, One-Click Web Development, Code Lens, and many other features to get a perfectly developed program ultimately.

Pros and Cons of Visual Studio Enterprise

Pros of Visual Studio Enterprise

  • Great relief for individual developers
  • Powerful IDE applications
  • High integration for code mapping
  • Live unit testing including ‘IntelliTest’ and ‘Code Coverage’
  • Possibility of multipurpose development

Cons of Visual Studio Enterprise

  • High monthly subscription charges per month
  • Only for a limited number of users in a team

Pros and Cons of Visual Studio Professional

Pros of Visual Studio Professional

  • Can be used by unlimited team members
  • Programs can be developed for multiple interfaces
  • Fast software delivery
  • Low monthly subscription charges ($50 per month)

Cons of Visual Studio Professional

  • Limited Integrated Development Environment
  • Only ‘Unit Testing’ is available

Advantages of Visual Studio Enterprise

  • Increased productivity
  • High code quality
  • Manual and automated testing tools
  • Availability of DevOps and DevTest

Advantages of Visual Studio Professional

  • High flexibility
  • Easy collaboration
  • Improved production capability

The world is in the process of continuous innovation. The growing technology demands new and improved programs to serve various purposes. Whether the organization is big or small, it does require websites, software, and applications to compete with the rest of the world. So, it is quite complicated to judge which version of Microsoft Visual Studio to buy and which software is the best, as both the editions have their own usages, advantages, and deficiencies. Nevertheless, Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Professional both are very important software for the development of countless online and offline programs. So, whatever you choose, make sure you know what your needs are, as it will help you in selecting the right edition of Visual Studio.