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Visual Studio 2017 options screen
Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 is the latest version of the Visual Studio Suite. If you require a different edition or version you can find it by clicking here.

Visual Studio 2015 Professional includes developer tools, services, and subscription benefits for small teams (1-250 people). 

Language: English (UK|USA|NZ|AUS), Chinese (Simplified|Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Publisher | Manufacturer | Developer: Microsoft

License: Global | Single Device | Home | Personal | Business | Commercial | Enterprise | Student

License Type: Permanent License (per user basis) - Perpetual - No subscription required. Fully Installed Desktop Application. No internet access required for use.

Validity: Lifetime | No Subscription Fee | No Annual Cost | No Monthly Charges | No Expiry | One Time Purchase

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Platform: Microsoft Windows logo  Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 / Server 2012 / 2016 / 2019 / 2022 (All editions and versions)

The main features and benefits of Visual Studio 2015 are as follows :

  • product setup, now componentized and upgraded
  • cross-platform mobile device development with support (in C# with Xamarin or Unity, in HTML/Javascript with Apache Cordova with .Net support
  • Device preview” within the menu bar,  to see how your XAML-based UI will render
  • All new wizard to add connected services like Azure, Office 365 and Salesforce
  • significant improvements in UI design with Blend to make things efficient
  • cross-platform debugging support including Visual Studio Emulator for Android, Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova and Xamarin and more
  • Roslyn compiler for C# and Visual Basic with faster compile times and live code analysis
  • Enhanced IDE improvements including but not limited to (high resolution images, touch support, custom layouts, CodeLens, design and modeling tools.
using Visual Studio 2017

How to download Visual Studio genuine software

Visual Studio development tools and services allow you to create and program computer games, as well as, websites, web applications and services, and mobile apps. Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2015 Helps the user Code faster, Work smarter and Create efficiently in style with the best-in-class Integrated Development Environment.

Its features allow one to take advantage of tens of thousands of built in extensions to customize code to your own liking:

  • Develop, navigate, fix corrections and write code fast with increased suggestions and fewer mistakes.
  • Analyze code with Visual Studio - Learn more with Visual Studio
  • Develop, create, debug and  diagnose with ease - find the faults quicker.
  • Test Often - code by providing comprehensive tools to release code in high quality - work more efficiently.
  • Collaborate with increased efficiency and involvement- Share more than screens.
  • Deploy the code - Built for the cloud.



Visual Studio is a collection of developer tools and services for individuals, developers, or small teams for the creation and development of apps and so much more for any platform. Universal and user friendly user interface makes this a must have for all app creators worldwide.

Microsoft Visual Studio includes IntelliSense and Code Lens editing, cloud or offline app creation using Azure, the use of the IDE, multi device app development with UWP templates, Extended DevOps deployment processes for SQL Server, Xamarin usability well as library writing for unmodified runs across multiple operating systems / devices..

Visual Studio allows one to take advantage of the following technologies to create and define applications:

  • C++ - allows fast, increased performance and compatibility across a wide range of devices.
  • .NET - used to create and develop apps or services for any device or operating system.
  • Node.js JavaScript support for fast, quality, and flexible cross platform app building for JS apps
  • Python - Utilized for cross platform scripting, web services, data science tasks

Visual studio 2015 allows the user to utilize its tools to:

  • Design, code, debug and create immersive cutting edge games with its excellent scripting tools
  • Create, manage and install apps to Azure with minimum of fuss
  • Develop Windows games and apps
  • Develop Web Apps using the flexible and powerful inbuilt tools
  • Create your own customized extensions for Visual Studio
  • Create native or hybrid apps for Android and IOS
  • Use the inbuilt tools for Microsoft Office development 
  • Create and deploy SQL or Azure databases effortlessly

All in all, Visual Studio is the best-in-class tool for powerful application development, instant debugging and quality app creation.


Visual Studio 2015 Minimum System Requirements:
CPU 1.6 gigahertz | Dual-Core or better
Memory 1GB (2GB recommended)
Hard disk 80 GB on average 
Display 1366 x 768 +
Graphics Minimum 720p
Operating system Windows 7|8.1|10|11 | Server 2012|2016|2019|2022 (All editions and versions)
Below you can see a table of differences to help you decide what version of Visual Studio is best for your needs.
2015 Visual Studio Differences
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