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THE EXPERTS AT PC KEYS - Insight into our PC Keys Team

business people going down stair in an office

Harry Daniels

Harry is the driving force behind our business growth at PCKey’s, due to his charm, outgoing personality and sheer dedication. Harry has always had an interest in IT even as a kid growing up and is a self-taught wizard. His knowledge and wealth of experience is shown by his dedication to problem solve and figure out solutions to challenging tasks. He has spent a large part of his career in IT and is experienced in all of our products on Windows and MAC OS. His drive to succeed and workaholic nature has led in part to our growth from operating in the UK to expansion in Europe and beyond.

Outside of Work Harry can usually be found watching Football, playing five-a-side, attending sporting events throughout Europe, problem solving with some software or moaning to his colleagues to not slack around.

Richard Forster

Richard qualified in IT in 2001, and with the exception of a few years working abroad, he has spent over 17 years looking after the various IT roles and requests of local businesses, individuals as well as meeting the business requirements of owner managed businesses and corporations of various entities across the UK. Richards brainteasers and generally weird ideas have largely been adjusted and brought to reality by his passion for IT and for every business to flourish.

He is experienced in software, client satisfaction as well as our customer service centre where he can be found finding solutions to many challenging requirements of our many clienteles and finding new ways to automate their processes and simplify their admin.

When he is not working, Richard enjoys creating websites, listening to odd music, creating websites as well as travelling.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer is the joker in the office who handles our emails and administration. She is always smiling and eager to answer your email requests. She is a fast typist with great accuracy and is always up to the challenge of ensuring all her work is up to date. When not answering emails, she can be found handling the administrative tasks and legal requirements.

Jennifer spends her spare time drinking fine wines as well as being a fitness freak in her local gym.

Simon Philips

Since qualifying in IT back in the good old days of Windows XP, Simon has since evolved into a Mr Know-it-all of the windows operating system. His tweaking, experience in running applications and troubleshooting its operations has led our team to ask him to resolve most of our multilingual customer queries as well as our in-house technician. Simon has spent most of his career working for himself, however, he is now part of the furniture here at PC Keys. His evolution has helped with our expansion from UK to Europe, Asia and Americas.

Outside of work, Simon is usually learning another language to add to his six fluent languages already spoken. His love for a good political discussion (and arguments), sport and a passion for the good plain old boring reading books on a beach keeps him revitalised and raring to go.

Gemma Jackson

Gemma, having gone through university and the laborious accountancy degree which has since evolved into being a chartered accountant is tasked with our expansion into unknown territory. She handles our larger clients, their needs and requests as well as the legal and financial requirements for our non-UK territories. She has experience in industries home and abroad whilst working in her accounts related work. Her experience gained in the industry has allowed her to be vastly experienced in handling the requirements of expansion in competitive industries as well as the procurement of services and suppliers we deal with.

Although she is frequently busy and a workaholic by nature, you will find her pleasant with a wealth of interesting stories to tell about her travels and experiences of the different cultures and cuisines around the world.

Gemma’s leisure time is mainly spent with spending time with her children and close family, not forgetting her two dogs, although she has been known to enjoy a bottle of rosé wine or two when she is out of work-mode whilst on her frequent travels.

Nicola Smith

Nicola is our generous and multi-lingual office girl. You will rarely see her out of the office. Nicola is an expert at handling and processing vast amounts of data driven tasks as well as having a passion and dedication second to none. Nicola is a fashionista by nature and will always be dressed in vibrant colours showing off her approachable personality and her friendliness will shine. She is one of the nicest and punctual staff members to ever walk through the door here at PC Keys.

Out of the office she will be unreachable and visiting one of many local or trendy bars in the city trying out some fine wines. She is also a keen cyclist and loves horse-riding when the weather allows.

Charles Taylor

Charles, is a rare but intellectual refined human being. Charles is a procurement specialist and has assisted us for several years by handling our expansion and procurement needs.

Charles is always to be relied upon. Outside of his office you will rarely see him without a cigarette. His other passion is fast cars, the rugby and golf.

Lauren Porter

Laura is our in-house recruitment guru. She has a nous for finding talent across the city and delivers us surprising but intellectual human beings who are always eager to work with us. She has been with us since her inception and her knowledge and expertise has allowed several different hairstyles to walk through our doors.

Outside of work, she will be glued to her phone or the TV where she has a passion for Netflix and many other television series. Her commitment to her family is also second to none and she one of the most reliant and reliable people to grace our business.

Michael Dunlop

Michael is one of the lynchpins of PC Keys, being with us since our inception. His investment into the business has allowed us to grow and expand at a growing rate. Known as ‘the boss’ – his irreplaceable expertise and ability to be proactive in the industry keeps us on our toes. Born with a thick skin and learns how to give as he gets. Being born as a workaholic who works from the minute he gets up in the morning till the moment he closes his eyes – his invaluable role in PC Keys is invaluable.

Outside of the office you will find Michael in the casino, playing poker or one of his many holidays abroad.

Claire Adams

Clair, a school leaver, headed straight into the customer service environment to work with various well-known high-street brands. After getting bored, she was approached to work with us. Clair agreed after having worked in customer service for ten years and joined us where she has multiple roles allowing her to become a nuisance as well as having many different duties including reception, telephone, administration. Bookkeeping, coffee making, lunch running, cleaning as well as whatever Clair wants to do.

Outside her office she is a blogger and YouTube vlogger. Her passport is full of incredible destinations to fuel her desire to travel the world and share her passion with everyone.

A big shout out to all our other staff who may not be mentioned but without their incredible dedication, time, attitude and commitment – we would not be where we are today!

Last updated: 03 Dec 2017