Outlook Email Setup - Remote Software Installation - 25 Minutes

Outlook Email Setup - Remote Software Installation - 25 Minutes
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This service provides desktop support for IT professionals, business's,and home users. This service allows you to view your system screen whilst our associate has the ability to install, troubleshoot or anything at your request. Your screen is shared and you can view exactly what happens on your system. This Easy & Secure Remote Desktop Access allows us to remotely access and control the desktop of your computer and servers whilst you view the work carried out. 


This service allows us to setup your outlook email accounts to your PC so that you can receive and send emails as well as customise your Outlook softeare program. We help in ensuring your email provider is supported and set up.

We will do this remotely without ever needing access to your password's or other sensitive data as we will instruct you as and when to type it in at your discretion.

Our professional, experienced computer professionals are here to help you setup your home oroffice computers and other devices. We offer a wide range of software or operating system installation and support services to keep your computers and business software up to date, secure, running smooth and free of problems.

Prior to any software installation, we will assist you to ensure that your current hardware is capable of handling the software you wish to use. If your hardware isn't capable of meeting the demands of your software, we'll provide you with consultations to advise you on what hardware will work best for your business.

We install softwsre remotely whilst being on the phone at the same time by appointment. We have specialised stagff available at all hours of the day and thus are able to provide this service worldwide. We will help you plan and schedule all software installations, and setup and configure your new software for you.

*Installation fee policy
Once you agree to pay the non-refundable installation fee, our agent will remotely help to install and activate your software application. If they cannot manage to install and activate your product we will guarantee to either replace your product key or refund.

Please note we are only able to provide support in spoken English however we csn install software of any language.